Friday, 31 August 2012


Luke sent in this cool shot of his father Claude's old Shepirocraft "PUNJARRA" which ran a worked 400 chev.She was well loved for obvious reasons and is dearly missed.Luke and family would love to know how she is going,so please dont hesitate to get in touch if spotted anywhere by some chance....Check out Luke's other beautiful boats(still more to come) by clicking on his album tag at the bottom of this post where you'll find Claude's immaculate "SCREWLOOSE".Luke can always be found here>>>  at the Australian Speed Boat Community.'THE' place to discuss all your water activity's this summer; happy snaps/location conditions/get together's and all other general boating chat...Onya mate!

youtube;LAKE BOGA 1987

The joys of youtube....A must watch for aussie old schoolers.Well known boats of the era put together in a fantastic compilation.Enjoy!


All Ramsay owners are encouraged to make contact here >>>



Thursday, 23 August 2012


The Michael"R",seen in a recent random post rung bells for the eagle eyed Doc Sizzle.Whilst with Marz on an excursion a while back he snapped these pics of this sleeping beauty which turns out to be the Michael"R"   LEWIS albeit with her wings clipped,never mind.She seems to be in great condition and still retains the triple weber equipped 3.8ltr Jaguar motor.Amazing that the Jag decal on the side screen has survived the years and how cool is that big old Jag twirler!!!.Cheers Doc.


A big thanks to all who have sent their boats in and those who just simply take their time to check out this site. Always in need of feature boats and other miscellaneous content so please send in anything that would be of interest,especially the old and shabby stuff!We all love the pristine show quality boats but would be more than happy to take a look at your old banger also.Cheers.

random; PRIDE STAFIRE mk1

love that canopy


Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Mick's at it again!Regulars will recall some of his previous efforts,She's Nub's,the Filam and that wicked Bullet......."I got another one on the go bit of a mystery actually, it's believed to be a Goldsbrough copy maybe called nifty 2 built near the Hawkesbury somewhere, ring any bells? It's full timber, very well built and has apparently won the bridge to bridge timber class before.
It was a runner when i got it with a cranky 302 in it but unfortunately the keel and 1 board either side were oil rotten so the resto begins ..... here are a few pics maybe someone will be able to help identify the old girl."....... Love your work Mick,keep us posted.