Wednesday, 27 February 2013

THE HORNET PROJECT ............update

BRAVO !!!... Love ya work Leigh. For those that have missed the build up of  the "HORNET' so far, here's your chance to catch up >>>  ....Happy days ahead :)

GT's album; "RECOVERY"

In the presence of greatness !!! We hinted back in November that Grant had got himself hold of a slice of Aussie boating history and here's the result of his hard work and determination since then in all her glory.
"RECOVERY",outright winner of the 1987 Southern 80 (among'st numerous other victories) in which her creator, Ted Hurley and crew, covered the distance in an astonishing 37.15.32 ...not too shabby even by today's standards! Some of you may also recall her starring in the Lake Boga clip (above) that we posted a while back. Believed to be one of only two 20ft V hull's produced by legendary Bert Everingham before the mould's were sold on (the other is "OUT OF CONTROL", also seen in clip). For a short time her name was once changed to "REFLECTIONS of recovery" when a second "RECOVERY" was built by Ted and joined the team but she would always be known as 'the' "RECOVERY" and her identity was soon returned.
Grant has her well and truly back in form and is now itch'n to get her back out there racing :) .... cheers mate.
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old adverts; MERLIN SABRE

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Ron's album; "AGGRESSOR"

Regulars will recall Ron's previous craft; 'PRESTO', 'SABRE', & 'HOTLIPS', ...well this is the one that never got away. 'AGGRESSOR' is one very unique Meos Hornet thanks to her beautiful timber deck which was fitted from new..... Kudos to Ron for sharing his babies with us, champion Aussie skiboater!!!

AUSSIE SKI'S ..................pt7


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Friday, 15 February 2013

Ron's album; "HOT LIPS"

In continuing the succession of Ron's beautiful ski rigs (and very cool cars) over the years, here we have the lovely 'HOT LIPS'. A Filam Ski Sport no less, what a treat !! ......Terrific pics mate, thanks so much for sharing :)

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*Can anyone tell us anything about Messner ?? S.A. ???

SOUTHERN 80 2013 .....a few more

seconds before impact