Monday, 28 October 2013


Most of the time ex's are best left forgotten but in this case she was such a sexy beast ...just look at that ass! She's with someone else now and Polks has moved on to an even sweeter ride but this metal flaked beauty still holds a place in his heart. She was/is a Camero Nordic Mk2 packing a 350 and dog box. They got off to a bumpy start due to her habit of leaking oil and leaving quite a mess in her undies. Being a gentlemen, Polks saw this as an opportunity to clean her up and make a lady of her once again. Many good memories were shared out on the water since then so its pleasing to report that they parted ways happily after one last quick smooch :)
Hit the 'Polks' label below to check out his latest squeeze ....she's smokin!



                                                          Cracked up when I seen this today.

Friday, 25 October 2013


as she was last spotted

Please help! We are seeking information regarding the whereabouts of Geoff's beloved old "SLAMMER". We believe she changed hands about 12 months back and would love to get in touch with her current owner. She was last wrongly advertised as a Childsplay hull but in actual fact is an Avern Craft which Geoff built from a bare hull many moons ago. Any information whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone recognize the Caltex service station in the top photo? Note she is still wearing Geoff's personalised rego #.
 Politely asking all NSW Aussie ski boater's to please keep an eye out for her on the water this summer and perhaps let the skipper know that we are desperately hoping to hear from him, thanks in advance.


Here's a very sweet Ski Sport going for a song >> gumtree-yarrawonga/1966-filam-ski-boat sweet and original. FILAM BOATS Facebook page >>


               Does anyone know anything about this one off timber flattie? Would love to see more pics of her.

old rags; SEACRAFT

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


Bumped into Claire and her lively bunch of mates on a bush track up the river last Christmas and was rapt to see her dusty Merlin Mirage Deluxe in tow ready to tear up the mighty Murray. Greetings were exchanged but I only let them pass on the promise of sending ASB a few pics of this ripper clinker ...took a while but here she is :)

History about the Merlin's time spent with me:
- I brought it in 2005 after seeing it advertised in the Trading Post. 
- My first boat
- It's was tidy but not very pretty to look at. White all over with a brownish/green weather faded stripe down the bow along the sunken section, the big old windshield was bowed & cracked & it had a terrible carpet job. Red 186 motor. Ran well.
- Summer 06/07 first outing for the season, it sheered the end off the crank.
 - Replaced the 186 with a blue 202 but kept the 186 head - it was a Yella Terra & the 350 Holley.
- The 202 turned out to be fairly rough once we had a proper look at it but then coincidentally a friend found someone wanting to sell some race pistons so bugger it, I got them….. then the flood gates opened.
- Stripped the motor back to nothing & put in new everything. Block was bored out to .60thou to fit pistons (ACL race series) & stage 2 cam. Then tidied up all the little things: straight cut gears, brass welsh plugs etc…
- Painted the hull & trailer, new carpet, new gauges etc…
- 2 yrs later it was back on the water!
- Been an amazing boat ever since. 

The Merlin has served Clair & crew well over the years and has been the perfect first boat though thoughts of an upgrade have been niggling at her lately, we'll see what happens. Cheers for sharing her with us mate, bloody love these Mirage Deluxe's and have spent quite a bit of ski time with them in the past ... great boats!



Stan Sainty, "FALLACY"

Bit tricky to read ? ASB apologizes for straining your eyes, best to save in your own file and read that way ;)
Article courtesy of Street & Custom magazine, June '88. Also find pics of Sainty powered "COAL RUNNER" (mentioned in write up) in Luke's Album here >>> aussieskiboats-lukes-album-melton-in-80s.


Thursday, 17 October 2013


Some pics of this years project. I purchased a rundown timber clinker on ebay ,once I let the classic boat boys know that I had it the information came flooding in to inform me that it had been a good race boat in it's earlier life. The hull was built by David Gill and raced by Bill Baberton with a 253 and later by P.Norris with a 202 .The boat was sunk at Melton and then received new bottom planks and keel, after repairs it was setup with a centre mount 202 for skiing . 

As found

Back in her heyday
Regulars no doubt will remember the many other beautiful ski boats that have received Ken's love and skill. The mans an absolute magician! "RIGHTY-O" >>> aussieskiboats.blogspot.righty-o-aqua-
                                                 "BLOODY MIRACLE" >>> aussieskiboats.blogspot.bloody-miracle
                                                 "VINTAGE RED">>> aussieskiboats.blogspot.vintage-red

All classic timber speed boat skippers are highly encouraged to get in touch with the Classic Australian Wooden Power Boat Association >>>