Monday, 30 April 2012


Yeah,sorry I've been a bit busy with a few projects lately.A heap of great stuff in store,I'll try and get a lot on here this week.Thanks for being patient....please keep sending in those boats....Anyone new to the site should take a tour back through all the past posts to see some beautiful Aussie boats like this one,CRANKY PANTS.

a couple more: SCREWLOOSE & WOODWORX

Yes,we get a better look at SPINNER soon too!..awesome

Before we get any further with the fantastic boats that Luke has sent in,we'll take a better look at these two....A nicer,clearer shot of the V drive set up and that gorgeous Sleekline....Much more to come!

mixed: LEWIS BROS.


These last few pics of STILL CRUZIN.Does anyone have some current pics of her???

Friday, 27 April 2012


Still a virgin when this shot was taken.

More recently.

Nice ass!
Would be rapt to hear from the present owner of this lovely fibreglass Jack Eddy clinker seen in a previous ASB random's post....Was a virgin until a couple of years ago, has changed hands a couple of times since and been fitted out.Be great to get some updates and maybe some on the water shots.

WOODWORX (update)

                                                     As an interesting shot,onya Luke.


I bet theirs a few of us that have been for a ride in one of these Javelin's down at the shop's in our tender years. The good Doc sent in this cool little on my wish list.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


Boy that looks sweet!,nice pic too.

SCREWLOOSE...A great family effort here.Back in the day,Luke (WOODWORX) and his brother helped their Dad rebuild this  beautiful Sleekline 1800 that he had owned for 18 years or so.Powered by a sweet 308 with a desirable soft clutch Luke reports that she performed like a dream.Gone...but not too far,good friend Jeff now takes great care and pride in her.Lucky bugger!


Kieth Hooper's MANDY skiff....Not to be confused with MANDY (Lady of the lake)runabout.
Some great shots sent in courtesy of Marz & Tony (HUSTLER)..A big thanks,we all love these priceless old pics.

random: SAWCRAFT


Monday, 23 April 2012


Luke's bro skippers the mint Rolco Evolution.

Cracker combo!!!

WOODWORX...'92 Syndicate...350 Chev mid mount V-drive...Onya Luke,..he's sent some beautiful boats for us all to enjoy,starting with his pride and joy.The beautiful finish certainly catches the eye,we've spotted her out on the river a few unforgettable boat!!.More to come.


                                          Would love to add one of these old Javelin's to my stable.

Sunday, 22 April 2012


Woohoo!!!..Seen here prop riding is Ryan's Pa in NESTA,a 289 Windsor powered skiff...Still tucked away in a family members shed,lets all hope Ryan (see ANIMAL) can get his hands on her one day.


Friday, 20 April 2012


ANIMAL...Merlin Mirage (early Mk1 model)...Ryan's beaut Mirage runs a strong balanced 308 and is shared along with a couple of his cousins who all holiday together at Jamieson,great spot!.The crew are about to give ANIMAL a thorough going over and I'm looking forward to seeing the results....Will be posting Ryan's Pa's old race boat soon,wait till you see that!!!...onya mate.