Friday, 27 April 2012


Still a virgin when this shot was taken.

More recently.

Nice ass!
Would be rapt to hear from the present owner of this lovely fibreglass Jack Eddy clinker seen in a previous ASB random's post....Was a virgin until a couple of years ago, has changed hands a couple of times since and been fitted out.Be great to get some updates and maybe some on the water shots.


  1. Bought 3 stage one hulls in 79-80 from a guy in Bruswick at the high school caretakers house.
    He had the moulds $1100 each, fitted all with 308s.
    Friend had one that had a dark brown deck with the gt strip, It had HT-HG 308 would have been new crate motor, called Inferno
    Set up by Nankervis new

  2. I know that the gentleman from A&N Rollinson and his father(automotive engineers Footscray) brought/built?? Eddy hull's,I'm sure in the Brunswick area.I'll pop in there next time I'm in the area and try and get some more info for the site. They have some awesome old racing pics hanging about the place too!

  3. this eddy is for sale at maverick marine in corowa at the moment