Wednesday, 4 April 2012


DR EVIL...Swiftcraft Stiletto SR...V4 Evinrude...This very easy on the eye Stiletto belongs to Phil who has Swiftcraft D.N.A running through his veins.His uncles are none other then Don & Frank Gibbins,the creators of Swiftcraft...Looks fantastic mate!Bet she turns a few heads and is quite a performer...Lucky Phil !!!


  1. Thanks for the great write-up and display ASB. It's great we can display our aussie made boats here on this great site for all to view and appreciate.


  2. No worries,thank you.I'm just very grateful there's people such as yourself that are willing to share their boats and enjoy seeing others pride and joys.We all know that there's not much out there to feed our love for these Australian ski /speed /social /pleasure boats.I'm just another fanatic that needs a fix...Must point out that we do have fantastic wooden and wake boat sites for Australia but feel there's something missing in the middle,..OUR BABIES !!!...thanks again mate,ripper boat.Ron