Monday, 22 December 2014


He's done it again! Hinted a while back that Grant was busy with yet another Aussie legend ...get a load of this monster!! Amazing effort champ ......Here's the lowdown:

" -Owned, built, and refined by John Millhouse in the mid 70's sporting a high rpm Dart headed 302 Chev with twin 660 centre squirts. 8% Haines & Hellyer box tucked right up under the deck for a reduced shaft angle along with lots of other hand crafted and cross drilled components that well proceeded their time.
- John won many races with the boat once he got it handling correctly before selling it to the late John Dawson who added his own unique touch to the boat with some stripes on the side, a different scoop, re-writing the name and painting the top of the boat with the QLD flag etc. as you see it today.
-Mr. Dawson also won many races with this boat and always presented her in pristine detail as done with everything he owned.
- I purchased the boat from Paul Beaton who also successfully campaigned the boat as "APEX FLOORS" and "SCI FLEET" before retiring the boat under his house in 1988 according to the rego label allowing mechanic and close friend, Randall Haswell, to campaign the engine in a race car (I was very fortunate to purchase this also as a bonus!)
- When I saw it advertised I could not allow the chance of it falling into the wrong hands who might molester such an old survivor with rich racing history and golden memories.
- I hope others might enjoy seeing it too, and if they have any stories etc. please share.
Grant "

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                                                          Thanks mate, beautiful photos.


Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and happy New Year. Stay safe, have fun, and get some boat snaps to send this way ...catch yez out on the water.

austalgia; "TIGER"

random; FAIRLANE

easy to distinguish by their cool humpy dash and engine hatch

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"GREENBACK" ...encouragement post

Finally caught Luke paying some attention to "Greenback" on a late night visit recently. With "Woodworx" out for the season the rush is on. Rat boat is the theme but close to original as she's kinda like a bit of local heritage on their stretch of Murray ...get ya wriggle on boy!!!

SUMMER DREAMING's to a good one!

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Sunday, 14 December 2014


Stolen yesterday morning (13/12/14) between 3am and 5am from the side of the Bacchus Marsh/Werribee Rd. Damo is one of our own and has only just finished a year long rebuild on Vyper which is a very unique and one of a kind craft. Please pass on any information to Bacchus Marsh Police or alternatively, ASB can put you in touch with Damian ...poor bugger's in shock :(

Thursday, 11 December 2014

"JEZEBEL III" ...Gaz & Jen's Album

Gary's first boat at the tender age of 17, a gorgeous Skicraft Deluxe pictured here beside the family's beautiful cruiser at Nungurner on the Gippsland Lakes ...Great photo!

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