Saturday, 31 May 2014


Ken, you must be at it eight days a week ...if only I had half your enthusiasm! This beautiful Seacraft is the latest restoration that Ken reckons he might just hang on to as "it looks good sitting in the shed beside RASCALA" your work mate ;)

                                                                     >>> KEN'S ALBUM


        A lovely Merlin Mirage seen resting quietly in her natural habitat ...#insert David Attenborough narration.

old adverts; RAMSAY PUMA

                                                        Colour shots of "MIRACULOUS" shortly.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Leon's Album; "DEBMAR"

                   Leon's Family collection of wonderful slides always seem to capture Australiana at its finest.
                                                   Please thank him by sharing your pics with us :)

                                                                         >>> Leon's Album
                                                                            to be continued...


                              oldschool galore >>> aussieskiboats.blogspot.GT's album - "RECOVERY" etc.

random; MAVERICK

Thanks to a recent anonymous visitor for this info ... "Maverick Ski Boats were built by Fred Williams. The hull was based on a successful Lewis and the deck was a very clever and advanced design.for the day. Initial turning problems were overcome with a longer cav plate. Williams also built a larger boat of American design which was a successful as a ski race boat. The Maverick was given an American name to tie it in with the other model."    ...I'm wondering if the other model referred to is the V hulled 'Hustler'. Fred also built a very successful SK hull the official name of which I'm unsure of, I've always called them a "Buster" hull ..."Goldfinger", "Caroline", etc.

aussie ski's; RAPID 'OSCAR'

Friday, 16 May 2014

"RICOCHET II" ...where art thou?

A sentimental plea for all aussie skiboaters to please help track down Nathan's Dad's old burnt orange metalflake Camero Farina, "RICOCHET II", last spotted in north WA under tarps. Would be nice to know how she is keeping, any help would be greatly appreciated ... Cool pics Nath, landscape looks amazing!


Was cool to surprise Keith the other day with this old shot of him driving "PALADIN" ...lookin very serious there mate, still rockin that mo too ;) That's owner Tom in the observers seat sporting a fair mo himself. Wonder where Paladin is ??


Spotted this wicked California Vee for sale at the drags a while back. Was still available when last seen at the Griffiths but I forgot to take note of contact details sorry, yell out if you would like me to chase it up.
                                                    *Stephens California Vee 'old adverts' coming shortly.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

"SINNA" ...Gary & Jen's Album

This lovely old batch of photos shows the first Mirage to be fitted with a V8 by the Waldron Family, a Holden 308 provided the bark and bite. The family unfortunately missed the opportunity to bring her home when she was last seen advertised a couple of years back (as seen in shots below). If anyone out there knows 'SINNA's whereabouts or comes across her in their travels we would love to hear from you.
Plenty more to come from this wonderful album. Next installment; "SINNA II" ...Ford lovers are in for a major treat :)
                                     Gaz & Jen's Album


A nice display of old schoolers lined up at the Johnson open day held at the St. George Motor Boat Club back in '76 ...mmm, bikinis and boats have always been a great recipe, reminds me of the Johnson song.

old adverts; EVERINGHAM ... "INSANE"