Wednesday, 30 January 2013


A patriotic shot of Rob's beautiful Lewis on the Bogan River, Western NSW. .. Aussie pride! Where did YOU go and where's the pic's??? Hope everyone had a ripper.
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old adverts; SAVAGE JAVELIN

for sale; Vic. "CRANKY PANTS" & "ROAMER"

Good ol 'CRANKY PANTS" is on the block. A bit sad, but knowing Andrew, there's obviously another toy in the works. Good luck with the sale mate, hope she finds a good home.
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'ROAMER' is a gorgeous Belvedere 15 (learn something every day ;) which has been cherished by the one family for many, many years. A special lady looking for a loving home, give Brendan a buzz.
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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Ron's Album; "PRESTO"

A huge thank you to Ron for sharing these treasures. The beautiful "PRESTO" was Ron's first love followed by a very impressive array of Aussie ski boats. Motivation was supplied by a flat 6 Plymouth.Whats just as gorgeous is the mint EH tow rig we can catch a glimpse of. "PRESTO" was sold around about '68 and we would love to hear any thoughts as to who her builder might have been or any other history regarding her between now and then.



Monday, 21 January 2013


Yass, NSW

These Maverick's have aged like a fine wine.Their funky shape was an acquired taste at first being so unique for their era, but no one can deny how sexy those hips and sunnie's look today.... mmmmmmmm, bloody beautiful!
The trials and tribulations we go through when purchasing these older Aussie ski boats only makes us love them more. Here's Regan's story...... "We purchased the boat from Shellharbour in October 2012, unbeknown that although the engine started there was internal problems.. After countless nights and days stripping the engine back and waiting for parts to arrive we finally put the engine back into the boat in December. You would think that that was enough but no….there was more, the previous owners had over tightened the skeg causing the fibreglass to be pushed in and eventually cause a leak. So we pulled the skeg off, re-fibreglassed where the skeg bolted and  re fitted it after more countless hours of working on the boat. After all this time and effort we are pleased to say that the boat goes like a rocket and we are very happy with it.

The engine is a red 308 with a mild cam, ported heads, edelbrock performer intake, holley 600, new lifters & valves, block honed and decked – the engine rebuilder expects around 300hp which we are quite happy with.

We have also added a bimini, high pole, recovered the seats plus much more." ............Cheers for sharing her with us mate.
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Friday, 18 January 2013

WINDSOR DRAGS ........Keith's Album

Just a small sample of this amazing pic collection from the Windsor Drags FB page. Any persons lucky enough to have memories, or better yet photographs, from the early Windsor day's are highly encouraged to make contact on this site >>>