Sunday, 6 January 2013


John Kumm and Betty Leighton
This past time that we all hold so dearly was first introduced to the state of Victoria in early 1949. Credit for this is given to Bert Drysdale And John Einsedel. These two pioneers of the sport manufactured their own ski's and fine tuned their form along a favoured, quiet stretch of the Yarra River.
John Kumm and Don Taylor took the sport a few steps further with the assistance of Sydney water skiing pioneers Jack Murray and Bill McLauchlan. These young fellas learnt quite a few tricks and stunts to perform in front of surprised Melbournians. John and Don were also the first Victorians to ski competitively when they entered the second running of the Australian Championship held at Penrith, N.S.W. back in 1952 where they were soundly flogged by the more advanced Sydney skiers.
At about this time, legend Bert Foster who hailed from Yarrawonga was enthusiastically introducing the sport to the country areas of the state. .......Hat's off to those mentioned.
The Victorian Water Ski Association was formed in 1953 in order to conduct annual state championships where skiers were selected to represent the state at the Australian Championships.

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