Friday, 28 September 2012


"Skidaddle Four" is Bryce's latest object of affection.She's a Bert Everingham of '69 vintage and apparently the very last of this timber type hull made by Everingham,power comes from a 302 Windsor...A very special boat obviously well cared for throughout the years,there was little more for Bryce to do than a quick tidy up and is now just enjoying all her lovely charms...Beautiful girl!

randm; CAMERO clinker

you tube; SEACRAFT

A great compilation of Australia's beloved Seacraft boats.Definitely a MUST WATCH !....... Very cool footage of "DECEPTIVE" and other well known Seacraft's getting put through their pace' it!

Sunday, 23 September 2012


Back in the '80s before his stunning Lewis Tornado,Rob used to terrorize the Forster/Tuncurry waters in this wicked little Bullet 1500 "QUICKSILVER". Partner in crime was "VILLAIN" also pictured....Rockets!!!


Scotty has got a great little blog detailing his builds that timber fans ought to check out.I'll have to stir him up for updates as he was about to embark on a new build last I heard.Next craft will be similar to "SCHEMA" (above)but featuring a twin cockpit design with a laid deck and slightly shorter in length....Much admiration for your work Scotty! Hit this link>>>

random; SPECTRA

A very nice US design hull that was produced by quite a few aussie manufacturers; ZD, Childsplay, Thurgar to name a few.

nostalgia;HAPPY DAY'S

Friday, 21 September 2012



Another of Bryce's old girls "MOODY BLUES".This little hum dinger received a similar refurbish to Bryce's GRUMPY...fussy bugger!Punch comes from a sweet 302 windsor.What is she?If you can tell us,we owe you a drink.She is none of either but appears similar in style to Camero's Farina & Meos' Hornet, I'm stumped!She looks really cute I reckon,well done mate...Will be posting Bryce's beautiful timber lady soon(and maybe a couple more of "MOODY BLUES" hopefully)..cheers


I was rapt when this pic of BRONCO turned up in my inbox a while back (cheers Doc) for I had admired her for many years in just the one small black & white pic(top).Ford crossflow 6 powered.If anyone knows the owner,could you please ask them to get in touch.


nostalgia; OLD ADVERTS