Friday, 30 August 2013


Blessed ...get a load of the backyard!!!

Jamie picked up this little bewdy for his 'first dip in the water' to a flying start mate! Holden 253 provides a sweet note and gets her along quite nicely. Plans are for plenty of use on the Hawkesbury this season followed by a resto next year be continued ;)

What is she ?? A boat this sweet deserves to be recognized. There is quite a few out there and regulars might also recall Bryce's "MOODY BLUES" which is of the same ilk. I have a collection of pics of this type hull all naming each differently with 'Skimaster Cyclone' coming from the most reliable source ...then Jamie's 'Bear Craft' popped up earlier in the year and threw more confusion into the mix. Comparing hundreds of pics I'd say the hull was copied from an early glass Lewis with a different deck popped on. Has anyone heard of a 'Bear Craft' .....CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EASE OUR PAIN. cheers.

Boofheads scrapbook; TENNESSEE TUNNEL'S


                    More "PSYCHO" >>>


                    "RAFFLES" (J.West) takes a spin, "GAZELLE" (B.Hill) ......... @ Mandurah, W.A.

Friday, 23 August 2013


Love these ripper little Javelin's ...classic aussie glass in it's truest form! Craig & Co. do their thing with this sweet little example up QLD way ...I WANT ONE!


Calling all Simpkin's ...Please get in touch if you own (or know the whereabouts of) one of the many beautiful boats built by Keith Simpkin. Owners of both glass and timber examples are encouraged to get in touch directly with the Simpkin Family ...they'd love to hear from you >>>

random; O'BRIAN

Monday, 19 August 2013


                                                                          *** WHERE IS SHE ??
                                                       *** DOES ANYONE HAVE COLOUR PICS ??