Friday, 9 August 2013


Here's something you don't see everyday. These Hustler's where built by Fred Williams here in Australia under license to a US design. Just popped up on gumtree so get in quick if your after something different and very collectible.  >>>


  1. Hi guys searching for info on this boat as I am the new owner very keen to learn of it's history
    if you have any info please forward to me at

    kindest regards ben

    1. G'day Ben, scored yourself a bewdy mate! Will be something in your inbox soon ;)

  2. Thx champ the more I dive into the background of this boat the more exciting it becomes!!!

    Since owning I have had to do a fair amount to her as has a pretty severe water leak through log gland
    and unfortunately who ever installed the brand new 350 crate motor cut the hole in floor to big (forehead slap)

    trailer was unregistered needed repair and all the plumbing needed to be re done plus a couple of personally choices like the big cam and what not :0.

    I have big plans for her and def will be restoring paint & decals in off season finished of with a new trailer when funds permit.....

    here's a quick youtube link of a dry run out the front after cam swap ;)

    Cheers guys & girls

  3. please guys if anyone knows of a Haynes hellyer v drive dog clutch set up cheap would like to upgrade my std Haynes hellyer v drive