Monday, 30 September 2013

the POTTS FAMILY album; "DOLPHIN" - ROAMING AROUND ........pt2

Mal stumbled upon this enchanting timber lady locally at the Axel Stenross Maritime Museum in Port Lincoln, SA.
Built in Port Adelaide, she was raced and skied with extensively over on the west coast during the sixty's before being fully restored by the skilled members of the museum. Further details/history can be learnt when visiting this wonderful place ....definitely one to jot into the travel log for boat buffs >>>    ........just BEAUTIFUL !!!

old rags; SKIING ON WATER ........ Doc's Album

austalgia; "SOLO" VS 41

Saturday, 28 September 2013


A hundred bucks and a heap of yakka! Matt demonstrates for us how thrifty one can get themselves out on the water with this cool little 1300. Matt & Co. have been having a ball since putting a fair bit of work into the old girl. A windscreen is on the way and possibly a bigger donk though the little 25hp has been providing plenty of smiles per gallon so far ....Great stuff mate!


                                            "SKI MISS" >>>

                                      "DE STRESSER" >>>

                                "SKIDADDLE FOUR" >>> aussieskiboats.blogspot.skidaddle-four.

                                     "QUICKSILVER" >>> aussieskiboats.blogspot.quicksilver.

                            "SILKWOOD" - WET WOOD >>> aussieskiboats.blogspot.wet-wood.


Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Cracker little Skicraft Hunta running 350 Chev was Troy's first boat. Beaut looking dam is Waroona, aka Lake Navarino, only a couple of minutes up the road from Troy's joint ...lucky bugger!



ASB guru Lawzy does his best Wolfman Jack impersonation :)

                                                             *** "HI-TENSION" pics soon ***

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Today's Aussie ski boat history lesson comes courtesy of our good friend Mal who can smell a classic from two postcodes away! ...I was well aware of Harold Lightburn's Zeta micro car but this craft has completely surprised me..........
" I had another look at this hull. It is a Lightburn fibreglass hull built in the early 1960's. Lightburn were famous for building the Zeta range of  cars,  cement mixers, and washing machines and many other types of industrial equipment as well as a wide range of affordable boats. The Zeta cars used a Villiers engine, therefore I would not be surprised if the watercraft used a similar engine or perhaps had an early Holden engine. This one should be in a museum as I would not think many survived. There is some brief history on the internet about the company which had a major factory site at Novar Gardens in Adelaide's west which is now an established housing estate not far from the airport."
............. Can not thank you enough Mal, exactly the kind of info/pics/history ASB hungers for. I could not agree more that she should be in a museum and celebrated. What do you reckon peeps?? Does anyone else out there know of other surviving examples? Would love to hear/see anything more about them.

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Rob and his Old Man are hoping to find an appreciating home for their sweet Filam. Go grab yourself a bargain and check out one of Australia's largest vintage mower collections while your there >>>

Begging all past, present, and future Filam owners to please make contact on our FB page >>>FILAM BOATS ...or simply drop me an email here if facey ain't your thing ;)

Cheers to Andrew ("RAGING"etc.) for pointing her out, I almost missed her. ASB champion!


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