Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Here's a very tasty looking Stiletto. Graham's been tinkering with this ripper for almost a year now treating her to new paintwork, fuel tank, jacking plates, carpet, console, gauges, steering, forward controls, electrics, lights, the list goes on! Don't be fooled by the 90hp decals on the Johnno, this sleeper is hiding a few more ponies than that's just that those decals were harder to find, and besides, these ones suit the colour scheme a little better ;) All this hard work payed off on her first run out on Eildon a few weeks back and there's little more to do besides some fine tuning now ...A champion effort mate, looks fantastic!


Stephens V, Ramsay Puma, & Haines SO.

2x Stephens V's, not sure ...maybe a Spectra?, and a wicked transporter

A bit going on in this cool pic, any guesses on the purple jigga ???

Sad to report that GT has parted ways with his beloved "RECOVERY". Good news is she's in the hands of a loving previous owner. Best news of all is that GT has obtained yet another absolute legend of a boat, stay tuned ;)
                     Definitely click on the 'GT's Album' label below ...packed with old school goodness!


                                      Yep, that's a Hemi alright! 'GOFA' ran like a dream as always.
             A huge thank you to Matt for rounding us up, click on the 'Classic Ski Boats label below this post ;)

                      Was a real thrill to watch Ross' recently completed 'RATBAG' being put through her paces.
                                            Check out this hot little skiff in the build >>> Ross' Album                             

                                              Neil's little spunk 'MUFFIN' ...great bloke, great boat!

                                               The Prez's absolutely amazing Eddy ...breathtaking!!!

Saturday, 22 March 2014


hard yakka

It's an absolute honor to welcome Gary and Jenny aboard. I'm sure you will all be just as amazed as I am with their family album that is filled with a lifetime of memories and beautiful boats ...not to mention historical significance.
Today we'll start with this lovely craft which has been the recipient of their care and, as can be seen, much hard work of late. "IT'S ABOUT TIME" thumps along to the tune of a fresh 400 Chev. We're not too sure of her origins though so would love to hear from someone that may recognize her gorgeous lines ...please help!
Stay tuned for some very, very cool old pics. Thanks so much for sharing gang ...over the moon!

"MUDDA" & "SCREWLOOSE" .......Luke's Album

Old shot of Claude's sweet Skicraft "MUDDA" which was sold to finance the build of "SCREWLOOSE". Both boats were held in such high esteem that they are still owned by close friends of the family and kept in immaculate condition. Click on Luke's Album label to see more of this family's healthy appetite for ski boats  ...better yet, come say g'day on the Australian Speed Boat Community FB page >>> ASBC 
More "MUDDA" pics down the track along with another ripper Skicraft that Claude owned  ;)


                          An old favorite of mine :)  ...pity these pics don't capture her chrome like finish.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


More brilliant photos from Joe's album. "SUSPENSE" was his first ski boat going back some 25 years now ...she's bloody gorgeous! Skicraft badges on this glass hull with timber deck are a bit confusing as she is almost definitely an early Gilflight. Keen eyes will spot the striking similarity between these David Gill hulls and Ron Craddock's Skicraft Clinker Deluxe, so similar that I believe there is a connection.
"SUSPENSE" ran a sweet 327 in V-drive configuration and sure looks like she got along alright. Where is she these days? We would love to hear from anyone that knows of her.
Please check out Joe's other rides by clicking on his album label seen below ...this bloke is a real Aussie ski boat nut! Cheers for sharing mate.

austalgia; "MERLIN AGAIN"


Friday, 14 March 2014


I'm sure a few of you would have spotted this old girl resting forlorn out west of Melbourne. Has been sitting there for over ten years now so you would think she'd be pretty shagged but actually looks savable from what I can see. Sad to think that she might end up like the rotted out cruiser she shares a paddock with ...Can someone please knock on the door and try rescue the poor thing.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


                                                    More gold from Leon & Wayne ...champions!