Sunday, 30 June 2013


                                           G'day, 3 more shots from a visit to the Skicraft factory:
                                           The guys laying up hulls in the factory
                                           Some modifacations being made to a 19ft Stephens
                                           An early model Sprint readied for racing in 6cyl class


closer look at 'HOOLIGAN' soon 

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


This very special lady has served the one family for 40+ years now. The long history began when Michael's uncle purchased the Lukey Rapid near new way back in about '69. A fibreglass replacement was obtained by the family in the mid '80s and old faithful was hidden away under tarps for the next 5 years. This is where Micheal stepped in (then at the tender age of 21) and along with the help of his Father, treated her to a deserving restoration ...the results speak for themselves. A 230 Dodge flathead pushes her along at a speed elegant enough to win the heart of anyone lucky enough to catch a glimpse. Grant Mustang twirler is the finishing touch (ridgee Falcon wheel stored away safely).
Dearly loved, she has become somewhat of a special occasion boat these days with a couple of other steeds taking on the work loads (one of these rippers coming up shortly ;)
Thanks so much for the treat Michael, she's beautiful!

***I've finally found someone to share all my Lukey info with :) Expect to see bits and pieces published here  on ASB soon.Was starting to think there might not be any examples left, please get in touch if YOU know of any Lukey's or have pics to share (cruisers & glass 'Mustang' etc. also). Cheers.


V.S.B.C. KILO'S & CLUB DAY - Sat. June 29th ....reminder

        This weekend Vic race fans, more details >> aussieskiboats.blogspot-vsbc-kilo-trials-club-day-june

Monday, 24 June 2013


We only recently mentioned that the Potts Family were on the lookout for another stray and this super rare F1-11 is the result. Dragged home from western Sydney, "it was only a 2812km return trip over 3 days" Malcolm reckons ...that's keen! Hopefully we'll be keeping an eye on her progress.
The Whiteley F1-11 is a rare beast which Mick Whiteley created from his existing and well proven 'Elephant' race hulls by adding those cool tunnels. They were built with small block efficiency in mind although the only examples we know of were all fitted with big blocks, as was this one. Very few were built though, with the extremely quick  "HOMBRE" and "TONIC" being the better known examples. Juddcraft later acquired all these moulds which formed the basis for their famous Pharaoh model although the tunnel moulds were never to be used again unfortunately.
Strictly designed as a race boat we're hoping someone might recognize this F1-11 from her heyday and possibly fill us in on a bit of history.
Thanks for sharing Mal ...don't see these everyday! All the best.

*Thanks also to Keith for enlightening us with plenty of F1-11 info, cheers mate.

**Hit the 'Potts Album' label below to checkout some very fine craft from this crew, more to come.

65th CATALINA WATER SKI RACE 2013 ... July 20

Boofhead's scrapbook; ZD COBRA

Thursday, 20 June 2013

"KAPALA" .......better than ever!

Did your jaw drop a little as these pics loaded on to the screen ?? Filam Ski Sport "KAPALA"  is back on the water and looking more stunning than ever thanks to the tastes and efforts of proud owners Ben & Nadia.
Ben casually reports that he has just reconditioned the 328 Chrysler with a mild cam and treated her to a retrim, but obviously he's done a fair bit more than that.... Amongst the sweetest I've ever seen. Check out the "KAPALA" pics we featured last year >> kapala-aussieskiboats.blogspot-kapala
Congratulations gang, you've done an amazing job.

                        *** Filam Boats FB page >>>


                                                  rare rare as


random ; JACK EDDY

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


As purchased ...a bit of a wreck.

New transom fitted, 42mm Amoora

All deck beams and cockpit frames made & installed

New ribs installed

Inside varnished and cockpit frames etc. permanently installed

Ply deck fitted

Deck nearly finished
"I purchased it from a guy in Bundanoon just over three years ago as a bit of a project. The builder is unknown but I believe that it may be a home built boat from Melbourne.
So far I have replaced two top planks, 23 ribs, all deck beams, deck stringers, and the transom. It is nearing completion with a strip planked deck of Houn Pine and Honduras Mahogany with Silver Ash coamings and cockpit trims. Engine is a Ford Y block. It should be on the water and going by Christmas. Cheers. Peter"

Marvelous job mate. Please keep us posted on progress. Can't wait to see her all finished and wet ;)