Monday, 24 June 2013


We only recently mentioned that the Potts Family were on the lookout for another stray and this super rare F1-11 is the result. Dragged home from western Sydney, "it was only a 2812km return trip over 3 days" Malcolm reckons ...that's keen! Hopefully we'll be keeping an eye on her progress.
The Whiteley F1-11 is a rare beast which Mick Whiteley created from his existing and well proven 'Elephant' race hulls by adding those cool tunnels. They were built with small block efficiency in mind although the only examples we know of were all fitted with big blocks, as was this one. Very few were built though, with the extremely quick  "HOMBRE" and "TONIC" being the better known examples. Juddcraft later acquired all these moulds which formed the basis for their famous Pharaoh model although the tunnel moulds were never to be used again unfortunately.
Strictly designed as a race boat we're hoping someone might recognize this F1-11 from her heyday and possibly fill us in on a bit of history.
Thanks for sharing Mal ...don't see these everyday! All the best.

*Thanks also to Keith for enlightening us with plenty of F1-11 info, cheers mate.

**Hit the 'Potts Album' label below to checkout some very fine craft from this crew, more to come.


  1. Was working for AB Glass Fibre in Thornliegh NSW in 1981 to 1983 when I acquired these moulds then on sold them to a person who was making ambulance bodies. Lived no more than 2 klms away from me when I was living in Merelynne Avenue West Pennant Hills glad to see some pictures of these hulls seeing they where so frowned upon when they where first built!

  2. Geoff
    We would greatly appreciate any further information, specifications or photos of this hull type. Restoration work on this hull will start shortly. Dean Borg from Pro-Formance Marine and Bodyworks ( B.A.D. Boat S40 fame) has given it the once over and is waiting for it to be prepared prior to him giving it its new paintwork.

  3. Know the boat well, used to water ski on the Hawkesbury river regularly. My mate owned the boat and it competed in the 1982 bridge to bridge. It had a 350ci chev engine. I own a Whitley tantrum hull from new (Hot Head) that just turned 40 years old. We skied together for many many years. We have some photos if you're interested. Leave a message here with your email address. Thanks, Ron

  4. G'day Ron, rapt to hear from you. Thank you very much for getting in touch and sharing the info. Would love to see "HOT HEAD" if you get the chance, we love Whiteley's here ;) Please contact me so I can put you in touch with Mal, I'm sure he will be over the moon to hear any more in regards to this boat.
    Best regards. Ron (yes another one :) email >>

  5. Hi Did you ever get it finished have you got any recent photos of it Now

  6. Thanks for your enquiry Heath. Due to health issues work is on hold at the moment.

    1. If you need help Give me a call 0434067 446 Would love to track down those moulds that I sold!

  7. Hi Mal have you done any more to the F1-11, I used to own one in the 80's called Rajah. Cheers John