Thursday, 28 March 2013

VICTORIAN DRAG BOAT CLUB - March 2013 ......pt2

                                           Victorian Drag Boat Club >>>

                                                         more pics >>> VDBC March pt1

                                                    few more here >>> Aus. Speed Boat Com.

old adverts; HAINES HUNTER 1600 SO

random; EVERINGHAM .......oldschool

WISEMANS FERRY ....back in the day

Wishing all Aussie skiboaters a safe and happy Easter, have a good one! ...And if it's your last trip for the season don't forget to snap some pics for AUSSIE SKIBOATS  ;)

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


"SLEDGEHAMMER" ...another beautiful ride from the west. This ripper Lewis Tournament belongs to one of "RATFINK's" luckier family members who can also be found out enjoying their local waterhole, Logue Brook Dam. Sweet boats fella's... cheers for sharing ;)

nostalgia; WTF

Friday, 22 March 2013


An Aussie ski boat abroad ! Praised by barefooter's the world over, this immaculate '87 Flightcraft 18 XL Tournament hails all the way from the northern parts of Sweden. Skipper Robert is hoping that some kind sole out there with an identical XL T can help him replicate the original windscreen by providing basic screen and profile dimensions. Please get in touch if you can assist, any help would be extremely appreciated.


AUSSIE SKI'S ......................pt8