Friday, 8 March 2013


"RAT FINK" ... Dearly missed so keep an eye out for her over in the west. This sweet little Penguin Supreme packing a 350 was Greg's first inboard. Happiest days were usually out on Logue Brook Dam or the Swan River right through the 80's until they parted ways in 91.
A Penguin Supreme ??? ...had me stumped too but are quite familiar to W.A. folk where Penguin's were manufactured in Cannington until the builder (Julius ?) passed and the existing moulds were sold (possibly to a NZ mob). Many fishing vessels and o/b runabouts were produced but very few inboards such as "RAT FINK", in fact Greg has only seen one other. Ripper little boat !
Cheers for sharing and thanks a bunch for today's lesson on Aussie ski boat history ... learn something every day :)

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