Tuesday, 23 July 2013

GT's album; "MAC-ATAC" and "The DEALER"

The mighty "RECOVERY" is not the only distinguished boat in this ski mad family. Grant's old man owns "The DEALER" and bro does his thing with "MAC-ATAC", three very special ladies with illustrious careers. I'm sure old school ski race fans will recognize these cracker Bullet's instantly. Check out the YouTube post below to see these two screaming WFO throughout the clip. Above pics taken in the back yard ...lucky buggers!

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you tube; M.O.C. .............feat. 'mac-atac' & 'the dealer'

Huge thank you again to Derek for putting another brilliant piece together. Love that you can hear the motors pinging over the music... great work mate.

austalgia; "COBBA"


aussie skis / old adverts; FRED WILLIAMS

Friday, 19 July 2013

spotted; "The CLIENT"

Caught a quick glimpse of this great looking Fairlane whilst at the S.S.B.O.C. Regatta a few months back. A very tidy jigga indeed.

old rags; SEACRAFT June '53


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                               Tim's timber girl >> aussieskiboats.blogspot-jack-riverts-burns.

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                                 "MOODY BLUES" >> aussieskiboats.blogspot-moody-blues.

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Sunday, 14 July 2013

FRED WILLIAMS WILDCAT mkII .....2x aussie icons

After a 30 year absence the acclaimed Wildcat is back. Carefully selected by the father of Australian water skiing himself, social and more serious skiers finally have the opportunity to obtain a traditional speed boat to suit their needs. The Williams Family have actually owned 3 Wildcat's in the past among'st many other craft. Disappointment from being unable to buy back one of these (seen below) along with popular demand has led to the re-release of this beautiful craft ...get one while you can!

                                                       *** More info and all your skiing needs ***
                                                         home page >> www.fredwilliams.com.au
                                                      FB page >> facebook/FredWilliams.WaterSkis

Whilst on the topic of this Aussie legend, ..check out this clip featuring the coolest wakeboard (& ski's) ever.

                                               Can't wait for my copy of this :) ***available in store


How well do you know your ski boats ?? If you can name the pedigree of this craft, Angela and myself owe you a drink for it has our panel of experts stumped. Reverse plank design, flat bottom, bubble deck, and fit out suggest a racey past, any ideas ? Either way, it's a great looking jigga yez have there! Power comes from a 308 packed with goodies that "sounds very smooth".
Plenty in store for this West Australian beast so keep an eye out for updates as the Phoenix rises.

Boofheads scrapbook; EVERINGHAM's