Tuesday, 18 June 2013


As purchased ...a bit of a wreck.

New transom fitted, 42mm Amoora

All deck beams and cockpit frames made & installed

New ribs installed

Inside varnished and cockpit frames etc. permanently installed

Ply deck fitted

Deck nearly finished
"I purchased it from a guy in Bundanoon just over three years ago as a bit of a project. The builder is unknown but I believe that it may be a home built boat from Melbourne.
So far I have replaced two top planks, 23 ribs, all deck beams, deck stringers, and the transom. It is nearing completion with a strip planked deck of Houn Pine and Honduras Mahogany with Silver Ash coamings and cockpit trims. Engine is a Ford Y block. It should be on the water and going by Christmas. Cheers. Peter"

Marvelous job mate. Please keep us posted on progress. Can't wait to see her all finished and wet ;)


  1. Peter it looking really good since I saw you last, Have been reading up on your progress.
    Will call in soon when you are home to look.