Wednesday, 19 March 2014


More brilliant photos from Joe's album. "SUSPENSE" was his first ski boat going back some 25 years now ...she's bloody gorgeous! Skicraft badges on this glass hull with timber deck are a bit confusing as she is almost definitely an early Gilflight. Keen eyes will spot the striking similarity between these David Gill hulls and Ron Craddock's Skicraft Clinker Deluxe, so similar that I believe there is a connection.
"SUSPENSE" ran a sweet 327 in V-drive configuration and sure looks like she got along alright. Where is she these days? We would love to hear from anyone that knows of her.
Please check out Joe's other rides by clicking on his album label seen below ...this bloke is a real Aussie ski boat nut! Cheers for sharing mate.

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  1. I regretfully sold Suspense to Joe, it is a Skicraft Deluxe Clinker and raced under the name of Hiawatha, and was the Victorian Unlimited Displacement Champion in the day. As a social family skiboat it ran an Argo V Drive with 13.6% step-up with a custom built Argo dog clutch. I had Keith Simpkin build the rear lounge and glass in a floor after I purchased it. The 327 Chev was built in my driveway with the bits coming from Ray English at SSS Auto Imports who brought in Chev bits and built some quick engines. The deck was African Walnut, the boat had no bad habits and would turn left or right full lock and full noise. (Had to change the undies a few times though). Would love to know what happened to Suspense, has always been my best boat.