Saturday, 10 August 2013

random; SAWCRAFT

                       *** Some Sawcraft info/history here >>> aussieskiboats.blogspot-sawcraft.


  1. first pic is a 16.6 footer(sawcraft)...i know the boat owned by steve moritz whom now owns sawcraft boats and name
    second pic is a 17 footer (sawcraft)
    3rd pic is a 15.6 foot conquest (sawcraft)....basically the first of sawcrafts
    4th pic is NOT a sawcraft!
    5th pic is a 17 footer (sawcraft)
    6th pic is a 16.6 footer (sawcraft)...i know the boat well
    7th pic is a 17 footer (sawcraft) with 6 cyl motor
    8th pic is a 17 footer (sawcraft)
    most sawcraft boats before his passing,were build by jim sawtell and rick ayres(jims right hand man) with assistance from trevor webb,and input and help from collin higham.especially in the development and evolution of the 16.6 v bottom.

  2. sorry my mistake.pic 7 is a 15.6 footer sawcraft,but still with a 6 cyl ford motor....i am reasonably sure it lives at mannum sa.