Friday, 21 September 2012



Another of Bryce's old girls "MOODY BLUES".This little hum dinger received a similar refurbish to Bryce's GRUMPY...fussy bugger!Punch comes from a sweet 302 windsor.What is she?If you can tell us,we owe you a drink.She is none of either but appears similar in style to Camero's Farina & Meos' Hornet, I'm stumped!She looks really cute I reckon,well done mate...Will be posting Bryce's beautiful timber lady soon(and maybe a couple more of "MOODY BLUES" hopefully)..cheers

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  1. not confirmed, but i have a pic here of a Skimaster Cyclone that looks very very similar to this girl. It's been killing me and I reckon I've finally worked it out :-)