Friday, 18 January 2013

WINDSOR DRAGS ........Keith's Album

Just a small sample of this amazing pic collection from the Windsor Drags FB page. Any persons lucky enough to have memories, or better yet photographs, from the early Windsor day's are highly encouraged to make contact on this site >>>


  1. Great lot of photos K.L.

  2. Hey Keith
    Hughy Moulds story (Cha Cha), Mouldsy asked me (Juddy) for a loan of my injected small block as he wanted to kick some bums at Kanahooka. The roughest surface down south, on the Monday after the race the previous day I recieved a phone call from his wife "Barry, Hughy flipped the boat and is in hospital, broken jaw, and a lot of sore spots".
    Down the hospital to Wollongong I went. Hughy whispered though wire "I beat the buggers so take Cha Cha home and trade it in for a fishing boat, sorry about wetting your motor".
    Hughy's wife said "silly old bugger I'm glad he is going fishing". I loved this man we were mates for a long time. Barry Judd