Sunday, 25 May 2014

random; MAVERICK

Thanks to a recent anonymous visitor for this info ... "Maverick Ski Boats were built by Fred Williams. The hull was based on a successful Lewis and the deck was a very clever and advanced design.for the day. Initial turning problems were overcome with a longer cav plate. Williams also built a larger boat of American design which was a successful as a ski race boat. The Maverick was given an American name to tie it in with the other model."    ...I'm wondering if the other model referred to is the V hulled 'Hustler'. Fred also built a very successful SK hull the official name of which I'm unsure of, I've always called them a "Buster" hull ..."Goldfinger", "Caroline", etc.

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  1. hey my names chris i was wondering if the red boat the maverick the very last pic of just the back end if any one has any ifon in it im the new owner of it cheers my email is