Sunday, 1 April 2012



  1. Top photo ,is this "SHELLEY".
    "ASSASSIN TOO" was found converted into a runabout, Ian Barber purchased her and is restoring her back to a skiff. Previous life was "MOOMEYES" raced in NSW held more titles as "M-EYES" than "ASSASSIN TOO". Ian found the old signwriting when stripping back.
    "SEASPRAY" Skiff.
    "FLIGHT" Skiffabout.
    "HAWK " ? Skiff

  2. Finned runabout BUSTER(QLD I think),yes last skiff HAWK.I wonder if SEASPRAY is related to the long line of SEASPRAY's that still race today???

  3. Also curious as to who owned FLIGHT and what she is.Any info ???

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  5. "FLIGHT" Twin-cockpit timber hull made by Lewis Brothers.
    Owned by Bill George.
    Motor was a Ford Cobra 289cu ins [ most ran dual 4 barrel carbs.]
    Set a Class Record.
    Held 300ci Australian Title in 1966 and later in 1967.
    Looking at photo , check the nose - gunnel line about 6" back a faint shadline suggests a Lewis nose plate which wraps around the gunnel. Timber beading along the base of windscreen plus at rear long side fins.