Monday, 28 October 2013


Most of the time ex's are best left forgotten but in this case she was such a sexy beast ...just look at that ass! She's with someone else now and Polks has moved on to an even sweeter ride but this metal flaked beauty still holds a place in his heart. She was/is a Camero Nordic Mk2 packing a 350 and dog box. They got off to a bumpy start due to her habit of leaking oil and leaving quite a mess in her undies. Being a gentlemen, Polks saw this as an opportunity to clean her up and make a lady of her once again. Many good memories were shared out on the water since then so its pleasing to report that they parted ways happily after one last quick smooch :)
Hit the 'Polks' label below to check out his latest squeeze ....she's smokin!

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