Thursday, 17 October 2013


Some pics of this years project. I purchased a rundown timber clinker on ebay ,once I let the classic boat boys know that I had it the information came flooding in to inform me that it had been a good race boat in it's earlier life. The hull was built by David Gill and raced by Bill Baberton with a 253 and later by P.Norris with a 202 .The boat was sunk at Melton and then received new bottom planks and keel, after repairs it was setup with a centre mount 202 for skiing . 

As found

Back in her heyday
Regulars no doubt will remember the many other beautiful ski boats that have received Ken's love and skill. The mans an absolute magician! "RIGHTY-O" >>> aussieskiboats.blogspot.righty-o-aqua-
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All classic timber speed boat skippers are highly encouraged to get in touch with the Classic Australian Wooden Power Boat Association >>>

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  1. Great job on this one Ken, didn't take you that long to return it to its former glory and well worth the effort .