Sunday, 3 November 2013

austalgia; "JO BLO"


  1. Hi, Can someone there can tell how Jo-Blo boats were made. I believe there was 4 made. A fifteen footer then a sixteen footer and seventeen footer and the last was 19 foot and 10 inches. I saw the last one at Windsor with a genuine 302 boss race engine. Peter Smith was driving on the day. A young man, by the name of Bert did the did the tuned up the Holley Carbys on that day at Windsor old boat ramp. I was there to see this the last time I seen the boat was paint white in color and named " No Sweat."

    1. Thanks for the great info Larry. Yes, we also believe there were four "JO-BLO"s all built by Everingham for Jack Bullen one of which was completely destroyed. I have quite a few old magazine write ups that feature/mention "JO-BLO", send me an email so I know were to send them to if you would like some reading. Regards. Ron >>

    2. The last "Jo-Blo" boat was 21foot long, this included the cavitation plate. Jack said "it was the best boat/hull that old Mr Everingham ever built". This boat/hull was sold back to the Everingham's in the early 1970's and I believe that this hull was then used as a model for their first fibreglass boat.