Thursday, 14 November 2013


Five founding members of the Western Ski Club brought this beautiful Ramsay Impala pictured above brand spanking new. Her 308 and velvet drive along with the extra length the Impala offered made her somewhat top of the range in her day. These 5 fellas (hence the name) skiied all year round with her usually on Lake Eppalock, were the club is situated, and of course the mighty Murray. Some years later the son of one of these gents took the helm and treated her to a nice spruce up. Quintette was then sold to a friend of his who later sold her again. The original owners lost track of her after that ....That is until now :) Thanks to some detective work from my good self and champion ASB'er Andrew (also a Western Ski Club member).
Current custodians Paul, his old man & two bro's (yes, thats almost 5 :) are credited for taking very good care of the old girl and were rapt to learn of her history ...her name makes a little more sense now. Paul & Co have put plenty of great work into the old girl and they've reaped the rewards. As can be seen in the pics she's still soldiering on providing kicks out on Victoria's better ski haunts and looking an absolute treat. There is also a couple more plans in store in readiness for this season. Onya Paul, thanks for sharing her with us and putting a smile on a few dials :)

                                       Nice new trim job is the most recent addition to "QUINTETTE"

A huge thanks to Andrew who is no stranger to ASB regulars (check out the 'Raging Album) and of course Paul and the Western Ski Club for providing these great shots of this very special lady. Stay tuned for more from this bunch of great blokes.

Ramsay owners FB page >>

All Ramsay owners are encouraged to attend the next big RAMSAY SKI BOATS SOCIAL DAY if at all possible ...come celebrate the legend >> ...more prompts and info for this ripper event soon ;)

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  1. She is a great old girl menny hours of fun in her and still going strong