Wednesday, 6 November 2013


A kind thank you to the friendly C.A.W.P.B.A. crew for answering our earlier request seeking info and/or pics of "The GRADUATE" ....champions!
This wild timber flattie measures 18.6 and is powered by an injected 454 Chev. She was built sometime in the mid 70's and was raced through 78-79 by John Wales. No idea of her whereabouts these days but we would love to hear how she is keeping. Thing is awesome!

There is obviously not much the Classic Australian Wooden Power Boat Association don't know about our beautiful Australian timber speedboats, please get in touch with them if you own such a craft. I'm sure you'll find their knowledge, help, and enthusiasm is more than overwhelming >>>

Recent "The GRADUATE" post >>> aussieskiboats.blogspot.the-graduate


  1. Hi Guys. These photos has brought back memories of this old boat called the Graduate. This would be the time when I was at Cabarita Speed boat Club, which was on the Parramatta River.

    I think that this would have been about 1975. At that time she was running very well. Its nice to see an old boat in such good conditions. Its obvious that Puff and Arkfurn . If you have any further information about her history, could you contact me .

    1. Cheers again mate, sorry we don't have any further information regarding "The GRADUATE" so it's great to hear your memories of her. Do know that she changed hands in about '91 and was again offered for sale at the Sydney Classic and Wooden Boat Festival around 2004ish for a very reasonable price.
      You can also find a "PUFF" article here on ASB by using our 'search' tool. Bugger all info here regarding "ARKFURN" but would love to learn more about her. Apparently many, many Arkfurn's were built over the years along with a few cruisers carrying the same name, all owned by the proprietors of Ark Furniture. Stay in touch mate. Ron