Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Darren's beast has recently copped a few more horses between the bearers in the form of snarly tunnel rammed small block chev....Love that metalflake mate,she definitely looks as hot as all ZD Cobra's ought to! >>>>Bizzo plug>>>> ......... other ZD owners are encouraged to make contact here>>>>>


  1. Would love to have a ZD get together one day to show our old boats. Maybe even get Zelko to come along.

  2. being an old favorite of mine I would certainly rock up to have a look at a few of them.I've since updated the post with a link to the ZD facebook page which I should have done from the start.Hopefully get some bites,there must be hundreds of ZD's out there.Us aussie ski boaters need to get more organized with events.Why wouldnt a summernats style thing work ???be great to hear any thoughts on the matter.

  3. I am the original owner of this boat had a blown small block in it she still looks good Cheers John Mcfarlane