Monday, 2 July 2012


WOW!!! John's baby looks sensational.Were hoping someone out there may be able to provide additional info about the origins of this winged sweetheart.She's powered by the famous,era authentic Chrysler Poly V8 coupled to a direct drive.John's had her for an impressive 25 years now and he still has the original quad strombergs,manifold and windscreen safely tucked away.Most reports have lead John to believe she may be a very very early Les Ramsay hull but were too sure.A friend of his had an identical hull many years back sporting a GT shaker.....So if anyone that knows anything at all see's this could you please get in touch, it would be greatly appreciated. :-)


  1. Is it f/glass or timber
    Hard to tell looking at photo's.
    Timber hull that was used for one of the Ramsay
    moulds is still around, may be the links

  2. Looks like fibreglass Ross, moulded around cockpit - internal wide skirting and it looks like cauking lines on far wing?