Friday, 10 January 2014


Mick & Co. have recently added a second Whiteley Craft to their fleet. "SCATTERED" runs a 350 and the 17ft hull is a lot lighter than "BLOWN SILLY" in construction. She came from a farmer in Dubbo who bought her from off the side of the road that runs along the Hawkesbury back in the day. Would be great to hear from anyone that recognizes her and could possibly fill us in on some of her earlier history ...Cracker boat!!! More gold on the way from this album, check out "BLOWN SILLY" for a treat in the meantime >>> aussieskiboats.blogspot-blown-silly-aka-stirrer.
Hey Mick, ...we'd love to see a pic of the two afloat side by side one day if there's any chance ;)


  1. Hi nice boat, I have just pick up one the same timber dash in green to restore do you the year model please early 70s ?

    1. Hi, this model ( 17ft ) ran from 68 to 73 until the 19ft new shape. can't wait to see in done. mick.

    2. Thanks Mick I been restoring the hull & found out a few more details the boats original name is SHE built for a person in the name Doug Thompson in the Penrith area the old race number was 136. rego DT3N