Thursday, 3 April 2014


first attempt at deck wasn't a roaring success ;)

These lovely old photographs from the early 70's show the very first Merlin Mirage built by the Waldron's at their family home in The Patch, Vic. Gary's father, Gordon along with close friend and fellow bridge builder, Frank Oakley, purchased the Mirage moulds from the dying Merlin Fibreglass Co. and went on to produce quite a number of these beautiful boats for family and friends along with others mostly through word of mouth. The boats were all built on weekends as Gordon, Frank, and the boys worked away from home during the week. Mum would polish the moulds and have everything ready for when the fella's returned home, a real all hands on family affair. In fact Mum was possibly the keenest skier and this first boat was built in true Aussie spirit because they could not afford to buy a completed boat outright. "The RED BARON" was fitted with a Holden 186 and was later sold to fund a daughters wedding. A few more 6 cylinder examples were built before they soon realized the Mirage could easily handle a V8. The next family boat, "SINNA", was fitted with a 308, photos of which we'll be posting very soon along with other examples and great memories including a very special one that the family has repurchased and is about to restore. Until then maybe check out Gary and Jen's recently refurbished "IT'S ABOUT TIME", click on the album label below.

                                                 Very, very appreciated gang. Thanks for sharing :)

                                                 Next installment; "The RED BARON" completed


  1. Thanks Ron! Good job with the presentation

  2. This is cool I have actually got a boat that was built by Merlin fibreglass co in 1969 which I am restoring now

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