Sunday, 11 January 2015

"SUGA PLUM" ...Gaz & Jen's Album

In the running for one of the coolest boat names ever (imo) is "SUGA PLUM", yet another beautiful Mirage built by the Waldron & Oakley Families. This little sweetheart featured a Holden 253 V8 rumble along with that very striking hue ...would love to know how she sits today. These amazing old photographs were kindly shared with us by Gary and Jenny (once again) and we can't thank them and the Waldron family enough for such a detailed look into a piece of our Australian ski boat history. More to come but please click on the link below to see the complete album so far until then (don't forget to click 'older posts' at bottom).

                                                   >>> GARY & JENNY'S ALBUM <<<

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