Monday, 9 February 2015

"BLUE THUNDER" Lewis Tournament Skier

Dene purchased this very classy 1991 Lewis Tournament Skier from Gary Loakes Marine back in '96 with a mere 26 hours on the clock. His proud and careful ownership is clearly evident ....

"All I ever wanted was a Lewis center mount with a 350 Chev, and I found it!
It is a 1991 Lewis Tournament Skier, 18ft 6” blue metal flake finish with a 350 Chevy center mount.
It is a dream to drive, with plenty of walk around space inside, and that beautiful Chevy note to it.
The Chev was a brand new engine (not a rebuild) that had been marinised by Indmar. It has a Ford 600 Holley (say what!) providing fantastic fuel economy. With a 12” tuned Lundberg , performance is ideal for all disciplines. This boat still lives in my shed, it still has the original vinyl, and still looks amazing.
I haven’t really done much to it other than put some racing points in it when I bought it, changed the plugs and oil now and then, the impeller and a bimini. Even though the oil is thin (Mobil 1 fully synthetic) the engine oil is still coloured like honey with no wear.
I modified the trailer from a single axle to a tandem, and added walkways to get down the rear. Also added is a fuel gauge (I hated using a dipstick), and a depth sounder.
Have been thinking of re-doing the carpet at some stage, one day I’ll get round to it.
As of 24/1/2015, it still has only 320 engine hours."

A beautiful looking craft mate, thanks for sharing her with us ...* A look at Dene's old Liberator soon.

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