Wednesday, 1 July 2015


 Pt. 1 of our poker run pics, we'll start with a few of the beautiful, more traditional craft in attendance ...more snaps to come.

Wow, that was a cracker weekend! 117 boats (not counting officials) rocked up for the Victorian chapter. 1000+ people all shivering with huge grins. Awesome company, boats, food, organization, prizes, etc. It sure was a very cheery and refreshed crowd that rocked out all night (your a lunatic Toffs) thanks to some ripper MC'ing and live entertainment.
Most importantly, it was all for a very, very worthy cause. A huge thank you to all that made it possible ...had a ball, whens the next one?

We didn't get too far with our straight in the hotly contested poker match ...Jimmy was ready to put the farm on it!

                                                                       ***VID SOON

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  1. Could the owner of the mustard/white coloured inboard clinker (11th. photo from the top, rego #JU009) please contact admin so we can talk, I have an almost identical boat which I have never been able to identify the make of and would love to make contact. likewise if you know of this boat and can ask its owner to contact admin via the email address shown on the blog homepage that would be great also. My boat is pictured I'm my album "Rusty's Album; Part 1 " from April 2013, Cheers Rusty