Tuesday, 25 August 2015


Ivor and son Mike are justifiably proud of the family's beautiful Ramsay Sport K. Born in 1990, she is completely original in every way and relies on her traditional GMH 308 for performance. What a stunning example!

*Shout out to P. Rodgers for the great pics.


  1. WOOSHKA, will you make it to two months as the boat I see when I look here???

  2. Very nice Sports K. Beautiful lines look beautiful on the water. I also have one and love it. Great handling boat and so much better through the waves given the deep V front than the current contemporary hull designs and quick too. Mine is endowed with a 350 (new crate motor to replace the old one which cracked number 7 bore) and velvet drive.

  3. Has the deck been refinished? if so where was it done? Nice job.

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  6. Thanks for the kind words
    We do love our "K" boat, and hope to for quite a while more.
    We had the deck re done at a panel shop in Burwood, we are very happy with the finish now.
    Mike has put on a German engineered paint protection finish that give it a deep looking gloss. We go up to the VSBC pretty often but not much wet stuff there at the moment.