Thursday, 9 February 2012



1966 Filam Ski Sport....X2 179....."KOMOTION" always a lady and well loved by all her family.She never fails to get thumb's up's and comment's,mostly out on the Murray and central Vic lakes.. All FILAM (also plated franklin) owners are encouraged to contact the filam register,email:


  1. I love the dash, That steering wheel is the best!

  2. I'm rapt with this dash too.All dials,tach,mph all matching Smiths. .Wheel is F.I.C.O (Fields). The whole boat is completely original bar the redish carpet that I put in(originally had a pinkish stick on vinyl type floor that I could not find a replacement for)All trim, screen,signwork, running gear,everything,all how she came back in '66.It's almost like sitting in your nannas old kitchen.She aint much but geez I love her!