Tuesday, 21 February 2012


The Lewis Bros.,Frank and Ritchie began building some of Australia's finest boats at Taren Point N.S.W on the Georges River  in 1945.They soon became known as the speed boat specialists after breaking many  national record's and winning most race's in the country...Definitely the most popular boat of it's era.


  1. Due to their proven design and popularity many early Australian fibreglass clinker's were made from mould's taken from Lewis Bros. hull's,each with their own slight modification's....So now it seem's every second unknown clinker is being called a Lewis,but this is very rarely the case!..If only I had a dollar for every time some fella yelled to me "Aye mate,is that a Lewis",when it is'nt.they were that popular it's just what most people can recall or relate to I think...

  2. Check out my boat which I called the Honky Waka http://lawisanass-wingate.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/the-honky-waka.html

  3. Hi, have been doing a lot of reading about the old wooden hull boats my dad use to race in some his name is Glyn (Plugger) Graham. His boats were Debbie Too. As I was reading I cam across a Bindy Lewis that has put together a dvd called 1969 - 1976 Boatracing. Have been unable to find a way to contact her to get a copy of this dvd wondering if someone there can help me, I would be very greatful my email is debkertay556@aussiebb.com.au Cheers Debbie Taylor.

    1. Sorry just realized my email is wrong above it is debkertay5556@aussiebb.com.au still wondering if I am able to purchase this dvd from somewhere