Friday, 9 November 2012


Hume Weir back in the day
G'day, hope your enjoying the show.Obviously AUSSIE SKIBOATS could not continue if it where not for the generosity of all our champion contributors. Please thank them and support the site by sending in your own pics, info, or anything you think may be of interest.  ...Quality Control; I am definitely far from an expert on most subjects.If you ever see something here that is wrongly stated please don't hesitate to let us know. Very little is publicly recorded about our Australian ski boat history and it would be a disappointment to add any confusion to the matter.Always extremely happy to learn any facts relating to manufacturers, differences between models, numbers produced, race history, I'm sure you catch my drift! ... If you see something you just simply don't like, get in touch, it can be pulled down or changed immediately.
Thanks again everyone.Happy boating :-)

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