Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Most of you would be aware of these web sites but just thought I'd share what I believe are the best Australian speedboat sites online.... besides us of course ;-) .Just where I get my kicks and in no particular order.
1;  C.A.W.P.B.A. >>> http://www.cawpba.com/
2;  OzBoatRacers >>> http://ozboatracers.myfreeforum.org/
3;  WAKE.com  >>>  http://wake.com.au/
4;  The Board >>>  http://board.net.au/yabbse/index.php
5;  Australian Speed Boat Community  >>>  http://www.facebook.com/groups/224406014293719/
6; Warby Motorsports >>>  http://warbymotorsport.com/
7; Old skool water ski racing museum >>>  http://www.facebook.com/groups/22546363317/
8; V.S.B.C.  >>>  http://www.vsbc.org.au/
9; V.O.C.  >>>  http://www.voc.com.au/
10; Chine Walkers  >>>  http://www.facebook.com/ChineWalkers?fref=ts
*** and of course, because of my bias; FILAM BOATS >>> http://www.facebook.com/filam.boats
I do visit many other sites that float my boat so hope to work on an extensive links page in the future , sorry if I left you out at the moment (especially interstate organisations).

Whilst I have your attention, regulars may have noticed I've done a bit of housework and tidied up the tags (labels) function a bit on our earliest installments. Also hope that the new blog search bar found on top right of page helps us navigate the site a bit better, should be quicker and easier to find favorite older posts instead of remembering which month they were posted.
***Please keep sending in your boat pics from past and present. We would love to take a look at your baby be it mint or beaten up. Anything and everything is all very appreciated.
Happy boating :-)


  1. Any guesses out there as to what this hull pictured is ???

  2. Hi ASB,
    Looks like it could a timber clinker, deck spray over in green shows original finish underneath? Walkabout hull converted to rearmount? Rear seat removed and motor to back? Transon has the shape of a Lewis clinker?
    One good looking boat. Doc.

  3. I reckon your spot on about it being timber ;-)