Sunday, 18 November 2012


This sweet little butterbox looks tidy enough but must have been hiding a few problems as Doc sacrificed her of all running gear and fittings and she is more than likely someones garden mulch now ...A bit sad but they cant all be saved.


  1. Trailer is now sitting under Ross's son Skiff. Motor is Holden 186 hammer tone green listed earlier. Cooling system was unique on this boat , 1/2 in copper tubing running length ways under- neath hull . 6 tubes each side of keel, pity to wreck but ply was like a box of Weeties. Still have hard ware and Marine Rego plates. Boat came from Ashburton Vic. area.

  2. She looks a lot tidier than the AUSSIE SKIBOATS butter box awaiting resto ..could be destined to the bonfire :-(

  3. definitely not worthy of posting here.i'll send you a pic Luke or is in my FB photos ...inch of dust in horse stable. looks sad but does seem drive grey motor. ..think i need a Vdrive next though(K mo stays of course).