Sunday, 23 December 2012


quaint aussie bush engineering at it's best it!

Fortunately this Merlin Sabre has found herself in amongst some very capable hands. Claude, Luke, and Matt have some great plans in store for this old girl, a resto which ASB will be following closely. The fellas have had their eyes on her for quite some time. The previous owner's use in the one area for 25 odd years saw her become somewhat a local identity. This chap originally purchased her secondhand as a bare hull and trailer from the Bendigo region where she raced locally powered by a sidevalve Ford V8 in her heyday.
Be sure to call back in to check on her progress through 2013, I'm sure she'll come up a treat.


  1. I'm diggin that hot rodded trailer

  2. Will be keeping an eye out for updates on this for sure!

  3. I will keep the pics coming to show the progress. We will start on her in February. Hopefully have her back on the water for next season!

  4. how's the progress going?