Thursday, 20 December 2012

the "MUD MOUSE" album


  1. " Mud Mouse" what a great lot of photos.
    Photo #1 "SATURN"
    Photo #2 "VENOM"
    Photo #3 " ? "
    Photo #4 "NICKO" ?
    Photo #5 "BABE" ???
    "SATURN" looks classy , bondwood construction gives the boat some clean lines.

  2. Yes amazing pics, thanks again T & R.
    "SATURN" is beautiful...very tidy ass. I can't make out pic 3's handle either. I think its pictured docked beside "SATURN" in pic 1.
    These images really capture the era in a kinda romantic way for me, love em!

  3. the boat in picture # 3 is PHILNORM was owned by Norm BARRELL a Y block powered everingham, it is next to NICKO also a everingham the same as Philnorm but converted to a skiff it was powered by a flathead Dodge 6. That photo was taken at Deepwater. Philnorm is next to Saturn in picture #1 the photo taken at Cabarita, the boats are moored to a floating dock which they used to bring in for the bigger championship meets to accomadate all the boats. The boat next to babe is Michael R Trevor.

  4. cheers for the history lesson, all very beautiful boats. Would never have picked "MICHEAL R" ...too cool!