Thursday, 18 April 2013


                                                                            IN THE BUILD

born again... first test on the dam.

enjoying the fruits of their laour ...Blackwood River, Augusta W.A.

"I hunted down this 1978 Shepirocraft Sabre mid-mount with a 308 Holden near Frankland in the south west of WA last May.
Full strip down and rebuild over several months, she got wet again for the first time in February."  

Your a man of great taste Garry! Respectfully restored as close as possible to her original colour and spec for that 'just the way she was' look...a classy act.


  1. Beautiful boat! Great colour. Job well done.
    It's good to see some of these old boats getting restored/rebuilt.
    There is a green rear mount version at out local ski spot that's in great nick too. Good ski boats.

  2. Just goes to show you that you dont need to spend $35-$50 grand to get a great looking boat.
    New ones dont do any thing better !!!

  3. She's a sweety alright and a great encouragement for others to choose the resto path with these classic Aussie skiboats ...a Monaro on water if you like.
    Don't think that's the last we've heard from Garry, a river rat from way back with some hot boats under his belt ;)

  4. Great job Garry she's a beautiful boat. We as in four families purchased the same build and model as yours we think it's a 79 model. We all love it spent little money to get here ship shape and reliable. she's got us through 3 seasons now an hasn't missed a beat.