Tuesday, 23 April 2013

the 'TREMBLA' album ; GOOLWA AQUAFEST 2013


  1. Its good to see so many boats restored to how they were built, and to see them in action is a big plus. Hot rods on water !!
    This is our history here in these photos,
    So many boats, if not wrecked, they were converted to ski boats or striped and burnt and with age rotted and died with neglect.
    This happened with our aussie rods and customs as well,most lost forever.Its a big job to restore some of these boats, un like cars with replacement parts avalible to day, the skills for boat repair or building is all most gone as is the timber to do the work is hard to find now. We need more outings like this to see them in action- a spirited display.

  2. I fully agree with the above post.
    Great to see them restored and being used.
    I think we need an event like this in every state.
    I missed this one but will be going next year.

    P.S. What hull is "Leanne"

  3. Well said mate, more events would be awsome as well

  4. I'm pretty sure 'LEEANNE' is a Hammond... bloody beautiful!
    No excuses..I'll definitely be at the next Aquafest myself. Can only pray that similar events pop up elsewhere, I'm sure they would be just as successful.
    Hats off to G.A.C. ...and of course the custodians of these unbelievable boats.