Friday, 23 March 2012


excuse the grotty pic...pinned up in shed for years

And excuse my ugly head....20yrs ago at Bonnie Doon.

RIP Haydz

onya Johnno ...champion mate.

COMET...FILAM SKI SPORT...186s....This old girl 'COMET' belonged to a close family friend Johnno.I think I spent more hours behind this boat then any other,we took her absolutely everywhere for years and years.We affectionately called her "THE BELMONT" for obvious reasons,but you could see the faint remains of her old name COMET when first picked up from the original owners in Albury who used her on Hume Weir for many years....Many happy days in the old BELMONT,onya Johnno..........    Plenty of Filam info on our facebook page here>>> Please get in touch if you have one.

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  1. i own this boat now bought it off a mate about 6 months ago doing a full ground up resto on it